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You can play online blackjack in New Jersey at, which was currently giving away a 100% matching deposit up to $1000 for qualified new customers here.

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BetFair Casino Promotions for September 2014

BetFair Casino is offering several promotions for September 2014. 

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BetFair Legal Betting in New Jersey

Europe’s biggest betting exchange,, is committed to stay put in New Jersey despite its Atlantic City casino partner shutting down earlier this month, has confirmed.   

Last week, it was announced that Taj Mahal online gambling partner Ultimate Gaming would exit the New Jersey market.  The Taj Mahal recently filed for bankruptcy protection and is in danger of shutting down as well. 

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Online Casino Bonuses Available to New Jersey Residents

For those of you living in New Jersey, some of the biggest and best online casino bonuses can be found at one of the biggest and most well known Internet gambling sites, here.

Betfair, while offering state-of-the-art casino games and poker, is probably best known for being the world’s largest betting exchange for sports bettors. 

Casino games run the gamut from slots to blackjack to roulette and everything in between. 

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Revel Casino Finds Possible Buyer

The Associated Press is reporting that the now shuttered Revel Casino in Atlantic City has found a possible buyer.

From the AP: "The casino said in the bankruptcy court filing that Glenn Straub's Polo North Country Club, Inc., made the cash bid for the $2.4 billion resort. The casino also wants a judge to set an auction for Sept. 24 if any higher bids are received by Sept. 23. A bankruptcy court judge would have to approve any sale.

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Chris Cristie to Decide Fate of New Jersey Gambling

ATLANTIC CITY – (Associated Press) - Gov. Chris Christie said Monday that Atlantic City is undergoing a natural and necessary transformation as it expands beyond a gambling-only resort.

Christie convened a summit meeting on the resort’s future that was closed to the public and press for all but the very beginning of his remarks. But afterward, he said the changes buffeting the seaside gambling resort couldn’t be avoided.

Atlantic City began the year with 12 casinos. Three of them have already closed, and a fourth is shutting down next week.

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Wayne Parry of the Associated Press revealed on Monday that the current owners of the Revel Casino in Atlantic City had intended to shut down the $2.4 billion resort immediately, meaning August 18, 2014.

The ownership group had asked the state Division of Gaming Enforcement permission to close on this date but were denied.

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No Can Do For Sports Betting in New Jersey: Christie Vetoes Measure

A bill to legalize sports betting in the state of New Jersey had been vetoed by Governor Chris Christie.

He pulled out his veto pen Friday afternoon.  

Democratic state Senator Raymond Lesniak co-sponsored the bill in question after various judges supported the professional sports leagues notion that a federal ban should be upheld. “New Jersey has a right to have what Las Vegas has," Lesniak said, pointing to the fact that Nevada is permitted to allow sports wagering.

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Chris Christie has Signed Off on Gambling Self-Exclusion Bill

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has signed into law legislation that would permit gamblers to self-exclude themselves from casinos and online websites.

The law applies to anyone who signs up and makes a request.  Previously, individuals would have had to demonstrate that they had a gambling problem.

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BetFair New Jersey Casino Promotion for July 2014 - Win Concert Tickets

Not only can you enjoy a FREE $10 sign-up bonus just for registering, but simply by playing you can win tickets to see ANY concert hosted by Live Nation*! 

Summer Concert Point Race. Win Tickets to concerts of your choice hosted by Live Nation!

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Happy Father’s Day from our good friends at Virgin Casino, which enjoys a partnership with the historic Tropicana Casino.

At Virgin Casino, they were showing their players some love by giving them 20% back on their Net Loss this Father’s Day weekend.  Mom’s and non-Dads are welcome.

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Slow Start in New Jersey Online Gaming
New Jersey is the most populous state to legalize gambling on the Internet, joining Nevada and Delaware. In April, New Jersey’s online revenue fell by $500,000 to $11.4 million. In Nevada, which limits Internet bets to poker, revenue was $926,000 in March, the most recent month for which data is available. In Delaware, it was $207,000.
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Until now, residents of New Jersey who wanted to prevent themselves from gambling, would need to place their names onto a list and admit that they have a gambling problem. After the passing of A2444, this law has now changed. 

Under the New Jersey’s Self-Exclusion Bill, New Jersey residents will now be able to stop themselves from being able to gamble without admitting a gambling problem.

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New Jersey Online Casino Revenue Slumps

April wasn’t a great month for New Jersey online gambling, and most can point the finger to a decline in online marketing due to strict gaming laws imposed by the state.

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